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The I C Centre for Governance serves the needs of society in all areas related to governance. It will work to strengthen governance capacity in the government, non-profit and public sector organizations with an extensive program of research into governance practices.

An organization's decisions can only be as strong as the ideas, leadership and procedures that underpin them. "Building policy capacity" is how the CFG characterizes its work and mission. The Centre would be concerned with issues of public policy formulation, programme design and project management. 

Some of the key ingredients to the above are decision-making processes at all levels of governance; sourcing, flow and quality of information for sound decision-making; environment-scanning skills for policy formulation; managing horizontal issues and public-private partnerships for participatory governance. Willingness and ability on the part of government decision-makers to support citizen participation in the public policy process is an area of particular interest.

The Centre’s work in this area follows from the belief that accountability lies at the heart of governance. It will focus on the nature and effectiveness of accountability relationships between the citizens, the legislature and the executive. Citizens grant sweeping powers to the political executive. They entrust it with responsibility for critical decisions about the design and implementation of public policy, and use of public funds. In turn, citizens want to guard against abuse by the executive of these powers. They also want to ensure that the executive uses its power wisely, effectively, equitably and efficiently, and that it will be responsive to demands by citizens to change the ways in which it carries out its functions.

The Centre would also focus on the art and  science of performance measurement, a technique that helps make accountability possible. Performance measurement in the government and public sphere poses unique problems, because the public sector exists in order to improve people's lives in way that can't easily be measured in quantifiable terms. 

The Centre would lay special emphasis on the following areas


  • The design of performance indicators for government and non-government programmess where programme outputs and causal relationships are difficult to define;
  • Building capacity for programme evaluation ;
  • An appropriate conceptual framework and research design for a study of accountability relationships between the executive and legislative arms of government
  • Managing accountability relationships among levels of government within a federal system.

The multi-faceted issues facing government and public institutions show signs of growing even more complex as national and international trends, new global regimes, advances in technology, burgeoning social needs and constrained budgets challenge countries around the world. Strong policy capacity will help them create responsive, farsighted, adaptable policies by which to guide their actions into the coming century.

The Centre would work with national and international organizations in meeting these challenges to governance, especially in the developing countries.

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