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Lecture Series on "Governance issues in Infrastructure Development"


A key element in the Process of any economic development is infrastructure. The lack of infrastructure is a major bottleneck in the growth process. India has had this as a major problem and issue over several decades. We have always been behind demand whether it is the power sector, the coal or petroleum sector, rail, road, civil aviation or port sectors. There have been several issues of governance in these sectors and so the IC Centre for Governance thought it proper to have a series of lectures on Governance issues in Infrastructure Development. These

lectures/panel discussions were held between September 2012 and February 2013 at the India International Centre, New Delhi and covered the Power, Oil and Natural gas, Rail and Road Transport and the Civil Aviation Sectors.

These lectures by experts in their field cover the present issues and the future challenges. We are still struggling to meet the Power demand and the need to increase Oil & Gas production is  paramount. What needs to be done? An oil import dependent country with a huge import bill needs to look at the geopolitics of oil and evolve its own strategy. Development of highways & Rural roads and where we are, the new initiatives on the Indian Railways as well as the pitfalls in civil aviation have all been covered. This compilation of lectures could be a useful reference.

We thank our collaborators, India International Centre, New Delhi & our sponsors Rural Electrification Corporation for making it happen. 

First Lecture: Power Sector: September 15, 2012


Shri Rajiv Sharma - CDM Rural Electrification Corporation (REC)

Shri H L Bajaj - Former Chairman, Central Electricity Authority

Shri Uma Shankar - Secretary Ministry of Power


Second Lecture: Oil and Gas Sector: November 17, 2012


Shri B C Tripathi - CMD Gas Authority of India Limited

Shri R S Sharma - Former CMD, Oil and Natural Gas Limited

R S Butola - Chairman, Indian Oil Corporation

Shri G C Chaturvedi - Secretay, Ministry of Petroluem & Natural Gas Limited


Third Lecture: Rail & Road Transport Sectors: December 15, 2012


Shri A K Upadhyay - Secretary Ministry of Road

Transport & Highways

Shri Vinay Mittal - Chairman Railway Board

Shri B K Chaturvedi - Member, Planning Commission, GOI


Fourth Lecture: Civil Aviation Sector: February 16, 2013


Shri M K Kaw - Former Secretary, Civil Aviation

Shri Kapil Kaul - CEO, CAPA South Asia

Deepak Brara, Commercial Director, Air India


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