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The Centre is established to promote, undertake, organise, execute, aid and assist, directly or indirectly, on its own or in collaboration with other organisations, the task of nation building and serving the people and to achieve inter-alia the following objects:

  • To serve as a forum for collective thinking on issues of importance in public  governance and to bring out, put forward, publish and disseminate its reports, studies, suggestions, recommendations and advice for decision making and action by various stakeholders,
  • To undertake, carry out, promote and co-ordinate, whether on its own or on behalf of any government or organisation, policy studies and research in areas of public interest,
  • To set up a National/Afro-Asian and Pacific Institute of Governance to provide  training and research in disciplines of governance in general and in human resource development related to public administration and corporate
  • To conduct or sponsor studies in alternate models  and  indigenous systems of citizen-centric governance rooted in local cultures and traditions and conforming with the genius of the  people,
  • To contribute to the process of encouraging and catalysing character building and intellectual and ethical development of the citizens and their groups in different spheres of public life,
  • To plan, establish  and run educational and vocational institutions and to bring education of the highest standards within the reach of the poor and under-privileged,
  • To provide facilities for dissemination, operationalisation and extension of  knowledge regarding governance,
  • To network with agencies, organisations, bodies-government and non-government, involved in public service for the furtherance of the Centre’s objectives,
  • To create a data centre for relevant information on governance and related subjects
  • To coordinate and co-operate with any department or office of the Union or state governments, their corporations, boards, commissions, Panchayati Raj Institutions as well as international organisations for the furtherance of the objectives of the Centre,
  • To organise interactive sessions and contact  programmes between representatives of the government, business and civil society on governance and other issues of public importance,
  • To assist and help the citizens and their organisations and groups determine their rights and obligations,
  • To assist and help the citizens and their organisations and groups in finding a voice in governance,
  • To publish, issue, acquire and circulate books, charts, periodicals, monographs, articles, features etc as are necessary for carrying out the objectives of the Centre,
  • To prepare, acquire, produce and circulate exhibits, slides, films, videotapes on subjects having a bearing on the objectives of the Centre,
  • To provide advisory and consultative services to the governments, non governmental organisations, opinion makers, decision makers, business leaders, and trade unions etc. on subjects pertaining to the objects of the Centre,
  • To assist, help and ensure a positive and effective role of the print and electronic media as arbiter, interpreter and educator in matters of governance,

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